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Breast Massage with Pam Fichtner,RMT

A practical focus for massage therapists who need to update their skills. The class has been updated to 10 hours and will include a review of Anatomy and Physiology; Indications and Contraindications; Healthy and Unhealthy breast differences; Healthy breast massage Techniques; Post-Surgery treatments: lumpectomy, post-mastectomy, reductions, implants; including scar work and basic lymphatic drainage; Hydrotherapy and Homecare.
We will also look at lymph taping, do some breast health visualitions and self-mapping. And, we will discuss the importance of the therapeutic relationship in treating breasts along with case history taking.

Classes occur one to two times per year in Saskatchewan and Pam is available to travel out of province. Please call or email for more details.






Photo by Josslyn Meyers