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Treatment Options


Breast Massage
"Massage Therapy with Pam has helped me to understand and to love my body more."
I am passionate about women's health, especially breast health and education. Getting in touch with and respecting your breasts is empowering.
I provide specific massage and lymph drainage techniques that help to increase blood flow, decrease toxins, release muscle tension, provide recovery from any breast trauma and benefit your particular breast concerns. It is a safe and honoring session for all women that can support you emotionally in a heart-centered way.

Lymphatic Drainage
I offer lymphatic drainage to both healthy and compromised lymph systems. An example of this is post-mastectomy lymphedema swelling in either the arm or chest. These are light techniques and often involve compression garments, bandaging and skin care for more advanced cases of lymphedema.
MLD is a treatment to help drain lymph from body tissue. It is used on a range of conditions from orthopaedic applications, tendonitis, whiplash, burns, sinusitis, acne, arthritis, scars, menstruation, breast pain, cellulitis, toothache, stress. It is also used to treat primary and secondary lymphedema, including post-breast cancer lymphedema.

Energy Healing
"Pam has helped me feel more centred in my body in a way I have never felt before."
Together we explore the energetic and spiritual aspects of your self. We notice any sensations, thoughts or emotions and allow the energy to be our guide. Do you have a sense of meaning and purpose in your life? Do you feel blocked or overstimulated in your body?
By offering an integrated approach, we can choose to balance the Chakras (seven main energy centers) or we can work with Acupressure Mudras (connecting with the energy meridians by using certain hand positions and wait for them to pulsate in synchrony). It is about intuitively listening to the energetic aspect of your being.

Craniosacral Therapy
"Craniosacral therapy... allowed me to connect at a deep level with my body."
This gentle hands-on approach releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole body health. With a light touch, restrictions can be released in the soft tissues surrounding the craniosacral system, which includes membranes and fluid that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord. Various locations of the body are tested for ease of motion and rhythm, then I use these techniques to help you unwind and create more space in your body.

SomatoEmotional Release

By checking in with your body, I explore the emotional components of what your body/mind/spirit is presenting. During emotional trauma, injury or an accident, the body can isolate itself creating energy cysts. SER can help to identify and enable resolution with the affected area. A dialogue between different areas in your body can occur with the intention of creating balance.

Trauma Recovery
"A traumatic experience left me feeling numb and disassocciated from my body. With Pam's touch, I was able to start my journey back to my body and feel alive again, in a comfortable and safe place"
Pam provides a variety of techniques to bring safety and trust to your body, allowing you to recover from trauma breath by breath. Trauma Recovery helps deal with Post-traumatic stress disorder, Panic disorder, Child sexual abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss.

Visceral Manipulation
This technique focuses on the interconnection between the motions of all the organs that make up the visceral system and other structures of the body. It promotes normal mobility and motion of the viscera and their connective tissues.

Leading you into a visualization and/or meditation during the session or having you take one home can deepen your exploration with imagery, allowing you to access your unconscious and conscious states of being. You may find it very helpful to be able to imagine yourself as healthy, strong and vital in a certain scenario or have me lead you to a place where you can dialogue with a part of yourself that has not previously been in your awareness. 'Just close your eyes, listen to my voice and let me lead you down a path in your journey to health...'

Can you affirm in this moment what you want to create for your total health?
I help you to find your intention at a deep level - the power of affirming to yourself what you want in your life and focusing on an affirmation such as 'I trust myself' or 'I am present with my body'. It is a way to connect into core beliefs that we have uncovered during the session.

Breathing is essential to life. If we can notice the ease with which you inhale and exhale,as well as into what areas breath comes easily or with more difficulty, then you can expand more fully into your breath. We can work with various breathing exercises to help you deepen into a more relaxed full body state.


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